Oyster opening challenge in Denmark

Danish Oyster Cup


The Purpose of Danish Oyster Cup is to gather the very best Danish oyster openers in a competition, where only the Danish "Limfjords" oyster is used for opening.

Our goal is to create the good atmosphere that we, for more than 10 years have been a part of In all of the international competitions worldwide, and to organize easy accessible and audience friendly events, for the promotion of the Danish "Limfjords" Oyster, "Ostrea Edulis".

The competition will be held using the international rules, which also applies to Galway World Oyster Opening Championship, Nordic Championship, Swedish championship, world Oyster Cup and many other international competitions.

It is a great honor that Danish Oyster Cup will be qualifying competitors to represent Denmark at the international competitions: The European Oyster Opening Competition in Trolhättan, Sweden, The Nordic Oyster Opening Competition in Greppestadt, Sweden, and The World Oyster Opening World Cup that take place in different parts of the world each year. This yoar Montreal, Canada, is hosting the World Cup.

These Competitions are amongst the most renowned and well respected titles you can achieve and a title that Denmark for several years have won, or finished within Top 3.

The vision for DOC is to promote the knowledge of the Danish "Limfjords" Oyster and the "Sport" Oyster Opening also known as Oyster Shucking, nationally and abroad.

We do this by annually organizing Danish Oyster Cup, participating and co organizing in both national and international competitions, Oyster events ect.